Elevate Elementary School

Volunteer Teams

Below are the various volunteer opportunities at Elevate. If you are interested in any of the roles or have questions about them, please contact the office at volunteer@elevateschool.com or (858) 751-8448.
If you are a parent with little kids, look for the teams with an * - these teams have some duties that can be done at home and/or with children.
ART CORPS - Art Corps Lesson Leaders/Assistants will teach or assist with monthly art lessons in your child's class. Workshops/trainings and supplies will be provided.
Volunteer Leader: Rose Leingang
BOX TOPS* - Help to collect, count, and submit Box Tops for Education to raise money for Elevate.
Volunteer Leader: Michelle Conway
CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT TEAM* - We are looking for volunteers to brainstorm ways to brighten our campus with banners, posters, etc. that will bring the 7 Habits alive on our campus. Also needed: Monday morning “Set-Up Crew” (putting up the banners and decor at the start of the week) and a “Tear-Down Crew” for Friday afternoons (removing the items and safely storing them in a given location).
Volunteer Leader: Rose Leingang
CLASSROOM HELPER - Assist with students, provide administrative support/prep work for lessons, organize classroom supplies, or other tasks as needed under the guidance of the classroom teacher.
Volunteer Leader: Classroom Teachers
COPY CREW - After attending a training for use of the copier, laminator, and spiral binding machine, volunteers will spend 1 hour per month performing the various jobs requested by teachers and staff (in a designated drop-off area) and redistributing the finished products to staff mailboxes.
Volunteer Leader: Classroom Teachers
FAMILY NIGHTS* - Assist with preparation and implementation of Family Night events (Movie Nights, Holiday Party, Game Nights, and more).
Volunteer Leader: Michelle Conway
END OF YEAR CELEBRATION - Under the guidance of a Room Parent, help with general set-up, clean-up and booth monitoring for our End of Year Celebration on the last day of school.
Volunteer Leader: Cheryl Acker
FIELD TRIPS - Class-by-class basis. Chaperones and drivers. Work with teacher for specific needs.
FUNDRAISING TASK TEAM* - Under the direction of Board Leadership, the Fundraising Task Force will plan and implement Restaurant Dine-outs, the Annual Gala in late February/March, a Jog-a-thon or Read-a-thon, Amazon and eScrip campaigns, and a family fundraising event.
Volunteer Leader: Mike Kuypers
HOSPITALITY TEAM - Under the guidance of the Hospitality Chairperson, contribute beverages or treats and be available to greet families and/or distribute handouts as needed for various events throughout the school year.
Volunteer Leader: Stephanie Roig
OFFICE HELPER - Assist our office staff with various office tasks.
Staff Leader: Amy Evangilista
P.E. - Current need: Leaf Blower Volunteer, Monday through Thursday, before 8:30 am for 10 minutes. Must be able to wear a 15 lb. backpack; can choose any day(s) that works for yoU.
Staff Leader: Coach Vu
PARKING LOT SAFETY TEAM - As students arrive at and depart from school each day, we would appreciate the aid of consistent parent helpers to help ensure student safety and a smooth flow of traffic.
Staff Leader: Principal Elliott
RECESS MONITOR - Assist staff in monitoring students during morning recess (10:30-11:00 am).
Staff Leader: Jessica Bennett
ROOM PARENT* - Serve as a representative for your child's class for coordinating volunteers, overseeing classroom events/celebrations, communicating with class families, planning for teacher appreciation, etc.
Volunteer Leader: Jill Soulé
STAFF CARE TEAM* - Since Elevate cannot use public funds to purchase creamer, soda, or snacks, the Staff Care Team would provide occasional snacks and goodies for the Teacher's Lounge. This is a great way to spoil your school staff.
Staff Leader: Amy Evangilista
  • In-class volunteering is an opportunity to get into the classroom with students and into the investigation zone. These are typically hands-on activities so an extra adult in the room is always welcomed!
  • Home preparation* is appreciated as these hands-on activities can require a few components. Materials and directions can be sent home with your child with a due date.
  • Science field trip notification for sign-ups will typically go out a month prior. Volunteers will be assigned a small group to chaperone.
  • Staff Leader: Michelle San Pedro
TALENT SHOW* - Assist the Talent Show Parent Coordinator with try-outs, Talent Show Rehearsal (Wednesday, April 5, 3-5 pm), and Talent Show Night (Thursday, April 6, 6-8 pm). 
Volunteer Leader: Sam Lopez
YEARBOOK* - Take photos at your child's class events to contribute to the Elevate Yearbook (must use a non-smartphone digital camera). Stay in contact with Yearbook Coordinators about photos gathered and needed.
Volunteer Leader: Andrea Bigler