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Tom Keliinoi

Tom Keliinoi ("TK") is a business professional in the field of telecommunications and business startups. While serving as an early pioneering leader and Vice President of QUALCOMM, he developed new programs and methodologies to recruit and develop emerging university students through a rigorous personal recruitment campaign at several major engineering universities across the country and internationally to meet the enormous demand for the best talent for one of San Diego’s most successful companies. He created the support for all of Qualcomm’s advanced technologies, including CDMA and Globalstar. Mr. Keliinoi has also served in various leadership positions with the following technology companies – Linkabit, Hughes Network Systems, DSC Communications, UCSD & AT&T. He currently is President and CEO of Westport Property Group Inc.

His management experience includes developing a global deployment and support business for a multinational corporation to support complex technology test and implementation in China, Russia, throughout Europe and the Americas, overseeing a staff of 250 people and projects in excess of $150 million. Additionally, he served as a mentor/sponsor for the SDSU MBA program, has been an advocate for education for many years, has led community projects that include spearheading the establishment of a free Western care medical clinic in Romania, worked to bring free crisis and family counseling services to first-responders in New York City following the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, has served as business and finance leader for his community church to expand social and facility services to the community. In that latter role, Mr. Keliinoi served as the Capital Campaign Director, successfully raising $2 million from small individual donations. Currently, Mr. Keliinoi is serving his third term on the Tierrasanta Community Council as Commercial Director. Mr. Keliinoi attended Lubbock Christian University, Mesa & Mira Mar Colleges and received numerous professional certificates in the field of business and telecommunications.