Amy Evangilista was born and raised in San Diego. Her dad was in the US Navy and somehow her family was very fortunate to never have to move, although they were not exempt from deployment. She went to elementary and high school in Santee and stayed in San Diego for college as well.
Before Elevate Miss Amy worked many years with a focus on customer service; first for a non-profit overseeing a Children's Program, then as a travel agent where she had opportunities to experience amazing things. She stayed in a luxury overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, explored the underground tunnels of Rome's Colosseum, and swam with jellyfish in Egypt's Red Sea. Travel is a huge passion for Amy and she feels very fortunate to have experienced it all free of charge in the name of "work."

Miss Amy has been with Elevate since summer 2014. Her years of administrative work, her experience with children, and her heart for military families have prepared her to be the Business Manager at Elevate and she absolutely loves what she does.