Monday, March 16

Good morning Friends:
I hope you had a nice weekend. 
Today's Learning Activities:
  • iReady lesson
  • Raz-kids (Read 1 book with the quiz, username: ecarnavos)
  • Writing (write about the story/summary from Raz-kids, 3-4 sentences, with an illustration- paper provided)
  • 2 pages in phonics packet (that was sent home) after viewing youtube link 
  • write a sentence for each sight word (be, now, under)
  • 20-30 minutes of personal reading (raz-kids, library books, books with mom and dad)
**Work on printing, go slow and careful, watching size of letters, and remember to start your letters from the top and go down.
**Work on tying your shoes, so when we meet again you know how to tie your shoes by yourself
**Work on using a tissue instead of your finger to clear out your nose, and practice good hand washing
**This will be the basic pattern for the time we are out of school. If you don't have the papers from school on Friday, you may use your own paper. I do not know when the office will be open. 
**I am available by email during school hours to help in anyway I can. :)
Mrs. Carnavos