Rak-Kids (for daily reading)
  • This can also be used an as app
  • kiddos know their passwords, this is used everyday in class
  • username: ecarnavos
espark (app) Make be listed as spalsh math 
  • kids love this app
  • username and password was send home Friday (most know it)
starfall (app)
**Kiddos should know their passwords. They were also sent home on Friday. I apologize, but I do not know when the office will reopen. If you are not able to access some of these activities, use the time as a gift to be with your kiddos. This time goes by so fast. Read with them and talk about the books. Talk about what character they would want to be and why? Write your own adventure stories together and then act them out as a family. Have a wonderful time together. Make memories. :)