Educational Websites

Here are the links to the websites we regularly use for Learning Activities. We'd recommend bookmarking these on your computer if you haven't already!
Google Classroom
Many of these websites include screen-free enrichment activity ideas if you're looking for meaningful ways to engage your child in more learning!
This website posts a daily fiction and nonfiction book along with an educational video and writing, drawing, or other hands-on activity prompt.
Go Noodle is a class favorite for brain breaks! Choose between high-energy aerobics activities, mindfulness activities, or silly learning songs.
This website is a gold mine of educational videos and activities. This is typically a paid resource, with a lot of meaningful content for students. You can sign up for a free family account (and look into Brain Pop Jr. for younger siblings.)
Audible is currently offering free books for kids. If you're looking for a family "quiet time" activity every afternoon, you might consider choosing a book from Audible for your kids to enjoy. Extend the activity by giving your child paper, pencils, and coloring supplies and have them draw what they visualize while they listen to the story.