Thursday, March 26

(a.k.a. “Magic E” or “Bossy E”). Here are some links to videos that will help your child understand the concept:


PBL Project: Monument

Have your child continue to work on building their monuments.  If your child has not already completed the interview, please have them do so (if your child is interviewing someone from Elevate and has not been able to do so yet, you can contact that person directly via email and All learning activities are intended to provide opportunity for students to maintain learning during this time of school closure. Activities will not be turned in or graded by teachers. Parents are encouraged to use your discretion on how to best make use of the resources provided. It is our hope that these activities help support you and your child during this time.

Below, you will find the suggested activities for Thursday, March 26.  Please refer to your child’s login information packet that was sent home when using Raz-Kids or i-Ready.  Thank you for partnering with us to support your children in learning! 

Suggested Activities for Thursday 3/26:

Leadership Video from Mr. Kazmierski and Leadership Opportunities

Parents, if you have not already seen the email from Elevate regarding leadership opportunities that your children can take part in during this time, here is the link to the video from Mr. Kazmierski:

This week's leadership opportunity is centered around Lightening the Load of those in our household. Students should be on the hunt for tasks and chores that they can take over to help things run smoothly around the house. We’d also encourage students to begin to think of leadership opportunities that they feel other Elevate students can take on in the coming weeks.You can share your leadership opportunity on the attached Leadership Reflection Form.


Complete one iReady “My Path” lesson.  This is the green box on the right side of the screen.

Spend 10 minutes playing iReady learning games.

ReadingRead one book on RAZ-Kids and complete the comprehension quiz that goes along with it.

Continue to read daily/nightly with a parent for at least 10 minutes.


Writing: Complete one page in a writing journal (you can use a notebook, notebook paper, or the “Writing Page” provided in the link).  

Your child can do a “free write” or use a prompt from the attached “Writing Prompt Menu”.


Have your child complete one of the Spelling Practice Pages that are attached.  These are the pages we complete in class, and students can choose one of their favorite pages to work on today.  We have also added some extra ones that are new to the students, which require markers, alphabet stamps, and/or colored pencils if you have those at home.  Instead of completing a worksheet, your child can also continue to practice their words as they would while doing their homework! We also found another fun website for spelling games called Spelling Training (  Your child can choose 1-2 games to play every day with their spelling words instead of completing a worksheet!

This week’s spelling words:

  1. scrap
  2. scrape
  3. slim
  4. slime
  5. pin
  6. pine
  7. hop
  8. hope
  9. over
  10. put

These words focus on changing vowel sounds by adding a “silent e” to the end of the word conduct the interview via email, or in person once we return to school.  While we do not have answers yet regarding presentations, we would still like your child to continue working on the at-home portions of the project.


Additional Activities/Website Links if you are looking for more ideas:

Set up an account on Go Noodle (  They have amazing movement activities that are fun and the students love them!


Watch a video of your favorite stories online.  Some of our favorites are from Ryan and Craig (, Storyline Online (, and One More Story (


Have some fun with your family!  Choose from the “Additional Activity - Family Learn at Home Menu #1” for ways to keep your family busy!


Complete activities in the attached “Additional Activity - At Home Learning Packet #2”.


Fun learning websites/apps (some are free, and some are subscription sites for families - we do not have school subscriptions to these): Scholastic Learn at Home, Epic!, Teach Your Monster to Read, Nat Geo 4 Kids, PBS Kids,  ABCYa, Fun Brain, Starfall, ABC Mouse, Wonderopolis, Brain Pop, Phonics Hero, Dreamscape (, Switcheroo Zoo, Boom Learning, San Diego Zoo Kids, Khan Academy, Splash Learn, and Generation Genius.