Counseling Corner

Comprehensive School Counseling Services
I want to share about our comprehensive school counseling services that we will be offering virtually. I have been working with our leadership team and counseling interns to prepare information, resources, and creative ways to stay connected during this time. Our desire is to support the social emotional needs of our students as we also provide an excellent academic program. You can always view these resources on my staff webpage by going to the About section of our website > Staff Directory > Kathy Kirk. Or simply click here.
Another way I’d like to support all of our students is through my google classroom, titled “Counseling Corner” where I plan on posting videos and activities to promote the social and emotional needs of students. I have invited all students to view the Counseling Corner and plan to update it weekly. Students can access the Counseling Corner (my Google Classroom) once they accept the invitation that was sent to their school email.
Virtual Friendship Connect Groups
I am very excited to share another opportunity for all of our students to help with their need for social interaction. Beginning next week, we will provide weekly Friendship Connect Groups for every grade level through a Zoom meeting. The link for these groups will be on the Counseling Corner google classroom. These groups will be run similarly to the Friendship Groups we have had, but they are open to all students. Students can zoom in for one session or on a continual weekly basis. It is important to note that this is not a confidential counseling session, but rather a fun way for students to connect with one another as we play games, complete social and emotional activities, and discuss our Habit of the Week. My desire is to encourage students to continue to grow in confidence, self-control, friendship skills, and their leadership skills.

  • Schedule for Friendship Connect Groups
    • Kindergarten: Fri, 1 pm
    • 1st Grade: Fri, 2 pm
    • 2nd Grade: Wed, 1 pm
    • 3rd Grade: Wed, 2 pm
    • 4th Grade: Mon, 1 pm
    • 5th Grade: Mon, 2 pm

Open Office Hours
Finally, I also have open office hours where parents or students can “zoom in” and meet with me - Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10-11 am.  

  • Click here to join the Office Hours Zoom link at one of the days/times listed above
    • Meeting ID & Password were sent via a recent Elevate News

This link can also be found on my staff website page, as well as the Counseling Corner google classroom. You do not need to make an appointment. I will meet with individuals one at a time. If I am in a meeting and another person connects to the link, they will enter the virtual waiting room. I will work to end the current meeting and get to the next person as soon as possible. If the person is unable to wait, they can email me and we can find another time to connect. 

If I can answer any questions and offer support for you and your child, please let me know! You can always email me at or reach out to me by phone at my new Elevate google voice number (during this time of Distance Learning) at 858-356-2425. 
Stay healthy and continue to have a growth mindset!

– Ms. Kathy
“Choosing Joy Every Day”