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Distance Learning FAQs

Please reference this page for more information. You may also reach out to your student's teacher with any questions you may have.
Your child’s teacher will post daily lessons in their Google Classroom, which can be accessed on Elevate's Classes webpage. On that page, click on your student's Grade and then their teacher's name. Please note: this class webpage can always be found by going to the About section of Elevate's website.
Contact your child’s teacher for his or her login information. If it is a technology issue, your teacher will try to help you figure out what the problem might be. If that doesn’t work, the teacher will reach out to our technology coordinator for help. If your child is using a school-issued chromebook that is having problems, we will make arrangements to replace it, if necessary.
Your child can expect approximately 4 - 6 hours of active learning per day in the form of live lessons, group learning and independent learning. Some kids will be able to finish it faster and some kids might take a bit longer, and that’s okay. Not everyone works at the same pace or in the same way.
Yes. We will be taking daily attendance, so we can keep track of how frequently your child engages in learning opportunities and interactions with peers. This will help us with future educational decisions for your child, should the need arise. It will also help us keep track of who might be struggling and need extra supports, and it will help us know how we can best serve the needs of your child and family.
Please know, your child’s health is really important to all of us, and we want them to rest and be well should they become sick. If your child is ill and cannot do the assignments for the day, please email [email protected] and let them know your child is sick. Your child’s attendance will be excused. If you can have them make up the work over the course of several days following their absence, they will continue learning what they missed, which might be prerequisite learning for later lessons. If they cannot, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s). They will be understanding and help figure out a plan to get them back on track. We don’t want to add more concern to your plate. We are here to work together with you.
No. That’s what we are here for. We only ask that you make scheduled times and a space for your child to work consistently on his assignments and Zoom meetings. Most importantly, be available to encourage your child’s feelings of uncertainty and confusion.
If your child is confused or doesn’t understand an assignment, reach out to the teacher through email and let them know. Another option is for your child to tell the teacher on their Google Classroom stream or comment on the assignment itself. Teachers will be monitoring these frequently throughout the day.
We suggest providing frequent breaks. Also, utilize GoNoodle for a movement and brain break. Take time out to do a P.E. activity recommended by Coach Vu. If frequent movement and brain breaks are not helping, please email your student's teacher or Ms. Kathy, Elevate's school counselor, for strategies.
If possible, communications with your child’s teacher should take place during the day. However, we understand that some of you are unable to do that, so if it is a learning question, they may not be able to respond until the next day. If you have a question about something other than the current lessons, please expect a response within 24 hours – just like always. Please remember, your child’s teacher is busy working with students, planning lessons, and juggling their own COVID-19 challenges. They will do the best they can to respond sooner than the 24 hour window.
Yes. Students will still be participating in Friendship Connect Groups with our counseling department. Our Special Education teachers will be providing services to students with IEPs, and our English Learners will be receiving ELD time according to their needs. Our STEAM and PE teachers will also be posting lessons and assignments for your child to work on.
Device distribution is scheduled for Friday, August 28 for 1st-6th grade and Monday, August 31 for Kindergartners.
Elevate's Home Connection Parent Portal can always be accessed from the "Family Resources" section of our website or click here to log in. Once logged in, choose the "report cards" option from the main menu. If you have multiple students, toggle between different students by clicking on the arrow found next to your student's name in the upper section of webpage.
Yes. To ensure security and confidentiality, teachers are only posting Zoom links in Google Classroom. Our staff team is also using best practices in regards to Zoom Classroom safety. You may also view Zoom's Privacy Policy.