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Tierrasanta Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Please note: Morning procedures are subject to change. 

General Safety:

  • Out of consideration for our community, please be courteous towards neighboring residents.
  • Please always drive slowly and refrain from using your cell phone.
  • Please follow the directions of drop-off and pick-up attendants and exercise patience and consideration at all times.

Morning Drop-off:

You may choose to park and walk your students to the entry gate or use the designated drop-off lane on Antigua Boulevard.

  • Parents who choose to park and walk with their students should bring them to the entry gate and say goodbye. Parking is available on Antigua Boulevard and Robusto Road only. The school parking lot is reserved for staff personnel and handicap parking only.
  • Students may be dropped off beginning at 8:10 am and may not be left unattended before this time. If students need to be dropped off before this time, you may take advantage of our Before-School Program.
  • If you choose to use the drop-off lane, please follow the signs and directions of drop-off attendants. Morning drop-off is located on Antigua Boulevard in front of the staff parking lot.
  • A child arriving to school after 8:30 am is considered tardy. Between 8:30 and 8:40, students will receive a tardy slip at the entry gate. After 8:40, they must report to the Vista Grande office and will receive a tardy slip before being admitted to the classroom.
Afternoon Pick-up:
  • Afternoon Pick-up is located on Robusto Road.
  • Parents who opt to use the pick-up lane may begin lining up between 2:50-3:00 (or 1:10-1:15 on Minimum Thursdays) to eliminate the number of cars backed up on Robusto Road. There is no need to arrive early, as students are not released until dismissal time and pick-up for the entire school takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • At dismissal time, students' names will be called in the order that cars are lined up and they will be escorted to their vehicles by an adult.
  • All cars must be displaying a window hanger clearly marked with the  student’s grade, last name, and first name. Extra window hangers can be obtained from the office.
Please note: If a person besides the parent/guardian is picking up the student during school hours, their name must be included on the student's approved pick-up list and will need to provide government issued identification when checking in at the office.
Thanks to all for considering the benefit your choices can have on our community!