Volunteer Teams

Below are the various volunteer opportunities at Elevate. If you are interested in any of the roles or have questions about them, please email the Volunteer Leader by clicking on their name below. Or you may email [email protected].
If you are a parent with little kids, look for the teams with an * - these teams have some duties that can be done at home and/or with children.
Please click each team name below for more details.
Assist with students, provide administrative support/prep work for lessons, organize classroom supplies, or other tasks as needed under the guidance of the classroom teacher (SM Campus Only). 
Volunteer Leader: CCB or Teacher
After attending a training for use of the copier, laminator, and spiral binding machine, volunteers will perform the various jobs requested by teachers and staff (in a designated drop-off area) and redistribute the finished products to staff mailboxes. Some jobs can be done at home.
Volunteer Leader: Lisa Chareunsri
Serve as a representative for your child's class and work with the teacher to coordinate volunteers, oversee classroom events/celebrations, communicate with class families, plan for teacher appreciation, help get the word out etc. (SM Campus only)
Volunteer Leader: Laura Criswell
Looking for a fun way to fulfill your volunteer hours? Go outdoors! P.E. volunteers assist Coach Vu in these 3 areas:
  1. First Aid: I often have to stop class to tend to an injured student from falls or bumps. Having a volunteer tend to the injured student allows me to continue the lesson and serve our students. I have a first aid cart stocked with bandages, ice, wipes, etc. during class for you to use.
  2. Supervision: The extra set of eyes during games, sports, and other activities helps to ensure students are following rules of a game, prevent accidents, and give positive encouragement to our youth.
  3. Set Up: Assist in setting up equipment for the day's lesson.
Staff Leader: Coach Vu
Assist Ms. Uribe in Art classes.
Under the direction of the Elevate Foundation, this group will plan and implement Restaurant Dine-outs and other fundraising-type events.
Volunteer Leader: Kjersti Williams, The Elevate School Foundation President
Are you handy with a drill, hammer, or the like? We are looking for a few "handy-type" people who can assist as needed for odd-jobs like assembling furniture, simple desk or cabinet repairs, shelf installation, etc.
Staff Leader: Cassandra Bahr: [email protected]
Since Elevate cannot use public funds to purchase creamer, soda, or snacks, the Staff Care Team would provide occasional snacks and goodies for the Teacher's Lounge. This is a great way to spoil your school staff.
Staff Leader: Cassandra Bahr: [email protected]