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Lottery Procedures



After the Open Enrollment deadline, if the number of new applicants exceeds the number of available openings, these students will be entered into a random public lottery which will be held according to the following procedures, which will be posted on the school website and communicated via e-mail to all applicants prior to the lottery:

  1. Elevate Elementary will enlist the services of a third party to monitor and verify the fair execution of all activities related to holding the lottery.
  2. The lottery will take place within thirty (30) days of the open enrollment close date.
  3. The lottery will take place on Elevate Elementary’s campus in a location that is large enough for all interested parties to observe the drawing.
  4. The lottery will take place on a weekday afternoon/evening or weekend when most interested parties who wish to attend may do so.
  5. Prior to the lottery, all interested parties will be informed as to how many openings are available per grade level.
  6. The lottery shall draw names from a single pool of ballots or identified pools of ballots to establish a diverse student population.
  7. The ballots shall be drawn by a representative from a third party agency that will confirm the results of the lottery.
  8. The drawing shall continue until all names are drawn.  Those individuals whose names are drawn after all spaces have been filled will be placed on a waiting list in the order drawn, except if the preferences described below require otherwise.  Any applications received after the lottery will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.
  9. The parent/guardian must provide contact information to be used in the event that a space becomes available for his/her child.  Parents/guardians will be notified on two separate occasions by telephone and/or e-mail if enrollment space becomes available.  If the parent/guardian does not respond within 48 hours of the second contact, s/he will forfeit the child’s enrollment for the coming school year.  When positions come available from the waiting list, parents will be contacted and given the first right of refusal for those positions.
  10. The third party agency verifying the fair execution of the lottery shall confirm in writing that the lottery was conducted fairly and Elevate Elementary shall keep on record copies of that confirmation.


Enrollment Priorities/Preferences

All students currently enrolled in Elevate Elementary will be exempt from the lottery for the coming school year.  Admission preferences will be extended to potential students in the case of a random public lottery in the following order, consistent with Education Code Section 47605(d)(2):

  1. Children of faculty, staff, and Elevate Elementary’s Board of Directors (not to exceed 10% of the school population)
  2. Siblings of students currently enrolled at Elevate Elementary
  3. Residents of the San Diego Unified School District
  4. All other applicants

** Note: The sibling admission preference does not apply until one student is enrolled and is attending Elevate Elementary (ie. Should one family have multiple children applying during the same year without a currently enrolled sibling, each child will be entered in the lottery and considered individually.)

** Siblings of a currently enrolled 5th grade student will be afforded the sibling preference.

(approved by the Elevate Board 2/18/15)