Wednesday, March 18, 2020

All learning activities are intended to provide opportunity for students to maintain learning during this time of school closure. Activities will not be turned in or graded by teachers. Parents are encouraged to use your discretion on how to best make use of the resources provided. It is our hope that these activities help support you and your child during this time.

Today's Learning Activities:

  • Go over the calendar. Talk about the date and day. "Yesterday was Tuesday. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday. The date today is March 18" Mark your calendar at home.
  • Go over the day's weather. Step outside and determine the weather. "It feels cold/warm/hot. It is sunny/cloudy/rainy/windy."
  • iReady lesson:  (comparing numbers- should show up when you open iReady at or in the app on Apple devices. Class #: 146565, Students should know their login pictures and logins info was sent home).
  • Raz-kids (Read 1 book with the quiz, username: MrBray2020)
  • Writing (write about the story/summary from Raz-kids, 3-4 sentences, with an illustration- paper provided)
  • 2 pages in phonics packet (that was sent home) after viewing youtube link 
  • write a sentence for each sight word (be, now, under)
  • 20-30 minutes of personal reading (raz-kids, library books, books with mom and dad)

**Work on printing, go slow and careful, watching size of letters, and remember to start your letters from the top and go down. Use the lined paper sent home.

**Work on tying your shoes, so when we meet again you know how to tie your shoes by yourself

**Work on using a tissue instead of your finger to clear out your nose, and practice good hand washing