Screen-Free Educational Resources

Dear Families,
We know that many of you are looking for quality screen-free enrichment opportunities for your child. On this page, we've collected some screen-free resources that are ideas for how to engage your child at home. Please keep checking back, because we'll keep adding resources to these page as we find them (and we'd love to hear your suggestions!) These activities are not required--this page is simply intended to be a resource for you of quality activities for your child if you are in need of some creative ideas for activities beyond our regular lessons.
We hope you find this helpful!
All the best,
Lindsey and Emily
At-Home PE Routine
Our incredible PE teacher, Coach Vu, has designed a fitness routine that you can adapt to home. Please find Coach Vu's activities and resources here.
Hands-On Learning through Play
Please don't let the name fool you--these lists from Susie Allison, the creator of "Busy Toddler," are full of activities that will interest second graders. Many of these activities cover second grade skills, like states of matter, money, spatial awareness, and physical and chemical changes. These activities are just a creative starting point for you, so feel free to pick and choose and adapt these ideas to fit your child.